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Left: Imperial Marine z-armor.
Right: Imperial Marine z-armor rigged for EVA. This converts the armor into a small independent space craft.

An Imperial Marine powered armor z-suit for z-g, vacuum and ground combat:

  • Articulated plexisteel, ceramic and ablative composite armor to protect against beam and projectile weapons over a gelcore. The arms are covered with overlapping ceramic plates.
  • Integrated chiller unit to counter any excess heat not discarded by the layers of ablative armor from beam or projectile weapons.
  • Glassite faceplate automatically polarizes in response to beam weapons fire in addition to reflective surface.
  • Includes servos and an exoskeleton to augment the strength of the wearer.
  • Matte-black in color to provide additional stealth capability.
    • The z-armor also has an autocamo capability.
  • May be powered down to provide a minimal emissions signature.
  • Includes two dismountable longeyes to provide v-feed.
  • Fitted with comm equipment.
  • Can provide remote medical feed data.


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