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Turismond is a vast sprawling continent in the north west of Paz divided into three distinct zone by major geological features.

The west of the continent is made remote to the rest of Paz by the monstrous Stratemsk mountains that range from north to south as an impassable barrier and by the Hostile Territories inhabited by savages, monsters and a few city states remaining from the Empire of Loh and by the Klackadrin rift and the Boiling Sea. The coast portions of Eastern Turismond are virtually isolated from the rest of the continent, with a few Pandaheem and Vallian colonies, and the large island of Ullardrin.

West of the Stratemsk in Southern Turismond the southern region of Donengil is separated from the rest by a great desert. Northwards of the desert lies the Eye of the World where the Zairians and Grodnim war across the Inner Sea in near isolation from the rest of Kregen

Northwards of the Eye of the World the rest of North Turismond is virtually unknown elsewhere in Paz.

Kregen turismond sketch.png
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