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Dorsal cutaway view of a Spear-class Imperial Méxica Navy cruiser:
A: Outer hull.
B: Missile racks extend along ‘wing’
C: Upship maneuvering thruster clusters.
D: Port Boat Bay.
E: Secondary hull.
F: Shipcore.
G: Hab core.
H: Weapon/Sensor pylon.
I: Engineering deck.
J: Fusion Reactor.
K: Downship maneuvering thruster clusters.
L: Main drive antimatter engines.
M: Hyperdrive coil.

Class of Imperial Méxica Navy cruiser retired from service more than thirty years ago. Lacks many of the features of more modern ships.

The archaic design includes wings or long pylons holding missile racks, bomb pods and an array of other weapons.


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