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  • Latin: Scoti or Scotti.
  • Scots Gaelic: Albannaich.

In 500 under King Fergus, the Scots invaded Argyll and founded Dál Riata in Caledonia. The son of the king of Dalriada claimed the thrones of both Dalriada and Pictland uniting both realms in the 9th century.

In the late 16th Century the Stuart dynasty aided by the Méxica Empire came to dominate the British Isles; by the early 17th Century they had defeated both the Godwin dynasty of England and the independent kingdoms of Éireland. Governing the islands as the Viceroys of Gran Bretan for the Méxica Emperor they founded the Plantagenet-Stuart line. However, in 1627 the Danish Empire invaded the British Isles and defeated the last Stuart army under the walls of Dublin.

The United Kingdoms of Britain was founded by the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell who defeated a subsequent Skawts revolt in 1650. When the Cromwell dynasty ended in 1767 the Highlands rose in revolt.

Méxica allies; Second from the Center.



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