Sixth Sun

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The Lord of Heaven cut the heart from his living son,

And so was born the Sixth Sun, which sustains

The universe with infinite light.

Its sign was Four-Flint.

Those who watch the sky say this Sun

Will end in annihilation, when the flint-knife

Severs the birthcord of the Sun, plunging all

Into darkness, where the people will

Be cut to pieces and scattered.

This is the time of the Sixth Sun

In Méxica mythology the history of the universe is divided into a series of millenia-long Suns – each of which has a birth, lifetime and death, far outpacing that of mortal men. The death of each Sun corresponds to some series of cataclysms which annihilate the world. This set of books is the story of the end of the Sixth Sun and what happens to humanity in this dark and terrible time.


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