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Scorpius, the zodiac's great Scorpion, wends its way from upper right to lower left in a morning twilight sky. Antares, lying toward the upper right, is the brightest star in the picture. It is flanked by two stars that together are Al Niyat, the one to the upper right Sigma Scorpii, the one to the lower left Tau Scorpii. The three brightest stars in the upper right hand corner (from top to bottom, Graffias, Dschubba, and Pi Scorpii) make the Scorpion's head. Jabbah appears just up and to the left of Graffias. The scorpion's stinger is represented by the close pair of stars toward the lower left, the brighter one Shaula, the fainter Lesath. Down at the bottom of the curved tail is Girtab. At the western bend in the tail in south central Scorpius lies Zeta Scorpii, which consists of nearby (Zeta-2) and one of the most luminous stars of the Galaxy, Zeta-1.


Kregen constellation scorpius.gif
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