Méxica Empire

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Mexica Empire4.JPG

Náhuatl: Mexihcatlahtohcayotl - the Rule of the Méxica.

Heads of State

The twin Mountains:

The power within the Empire resides at Court and on the Heavenly Mountain.


Armed Forces

The Quetzaltonatiuh
- The Quetzal Sun -
A gold sun centered on a circle of green quetzal feathers
One of the standards of the Méxica Empire



Companies and manufacturers are the Pochteca with those from the conquered nations grouped together as the macehualli pochteca.

The Empire consists of all the human colonies extending out to the Rim.

For the early history of the nation see Azteca.

A map showing the territories and allies of the Méxica Empire prior to the Corewars

Aztec border.jpg

"In the time of the Sixth Sun" by Thomas Harlan
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