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Populist offshoot of Catholicism founded by a nun, Melissa of Lenca around 1679 A.D. Lencolarism was a reaction to the corpulent corruption amongst clergy of the old Aztec Church, as well as the institution of slavery within the Aztec Empire, yet repudiated the anti-Catholic teachings of Hussitism. Adherents championed amongst other things equal usages and rights for women, and popular representation for the working poor in the councils of towns and cities. It quickly gained a mass following in the Western hemisphere.

The Lencolar primacy is known as the Sisters of the Rose and there exists a Lencolar fighting order, the Order of the Flowering Sun.

The Most Holy Precepts of Lencolar Catholicism

  • Woman and man were created in the image of God's duality and are equal in its eye.
  • As no woman nor man are of more greatness in value or purpose than any other woman or man, slavery is considered to be a sin in the eyes of God.
  • Pilgrimage to Holy Shrines is a requirement for the purification of the soul in mortal form. A pilgrimage is to be taken for every generation of a mortal lifetime.
  • It is the duty of each member of the Lencolar Catholic church, each a Paladin of the Faith, to stand vigilant against the unholy forces that seek to ever enshroud the Earth.
  • All persons who are not being treated with equality by their spouse should take a vow of chastity until such time as their status is made equal.
  • A tithe of not less than 1 in 100 parts and not more than 10 in 100 parts should be given to the church by every individual. For the poor, this may be done in goods as well as money.
  • A diet rich in fruits and vegetables should be eaten. Meat may only be eaten on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between the hours of sun up and sundown. Fish may be eaten on any date between sun up and sun down. Children up to the age of 16, and pregnant women, are exempt from this rule.
  • All children should be considered holy and are to be baptized in the Lencolar Faith immediately upon birth. This may be done by anyone within the religion if the local priest or priestess is not available.
  • Religious studies are mandatory for all members of the Lencolar Faith from the age of 5-10 years of age. All new adult members are to attend studies for a min. of 1 year.
  • Education is the path to divinity. All members of the church should be encouraged to attend studies to further their education. * All priest and priestess should be teachers of the arts, sciences and religious studies. These teachers are to be supported by the local church members to the best of their abilities within a reasonable comfort.
  • All priest and priestess of the Lencolar Catholic Faith shall take a vow of to be impoverished and to spread education.
  • Every plant and creature in this world was created by God and should be treated with the reverence due to it's spirit as a creation of God.
  • All members of the church should strive to follow God's example and create something lasting in the course of their lifetime, be it music, visual art, a story, or some other cultural enhancement.

Pilgrimage Sites

  • To the Holy Cathedral of the Rose in Quiche.
  • To the Hills of Pachamaxl in Lenca - where Melissa received her first vision.
  • To the shores of the Lake of Nicarao - where disciple Sister Sylvia, was converted to join Melissa.
  • To the Sea of Panama in Nanchao - where Sister Monique became a disciple of Melissa.
  • To Jerusalem - where our Lord Jesus was born.
  • To St. Michael's of the Azores - the burial site of our first Saints.
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