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The core territories of the four blocs at the start of the Last War:
Red: Méxica/Nisei Unity
Blue: European Alliance
Gold: Afrikan Union
Purple: Chinese Empire and satellite states



Final conflict on Old Earth between the Méxica and Swedish-Russia ending the period of the Corewars. The culmination of a century of warfare in the Inner Worlds resulting in the Desolation.

The fighting grew increasingly vicious and desperate including two events known as the Blow.


An uneasy peace had prevailed on Anáhuac, with the world split into four main power blocs of numerous sub-countries. The Euro-Persian bloc was held up by the primary alliance of Denmark, Swedish-Russia and Persia. East Asia was entirely dominated by the Chinese and their satellite states. The Méxica dominated the Amerikas, and held substantial forward possessions in the Pacific, Japan and Australasia. Fourth, of course, were the Afriqans, save for Mixtec lands in west Africa.

Thus things had held for several hundred years in large measure, though India, North Afrika, Central Asia and South Amerika were often in play between surrogates of the great powers.

All four great powers had developed their own variations of the Teller Drive and had established off-planet outposts, stations and whatnot throughout the Sol system. Mars was the focus of considerable effort, as the planet remained marginally habitable, though severely damaged by comet or asteroid bombardment from a time predating the arrival of Earth humans.

Pre-War Events

A fair number of extra-solar colonies had also been founded, but due to the limitations of the Teller Drive and the hyperspace gateways, they were not extensive. Divided as they were, the great powers had each been unable to really focus on extrasolar colonization.

Finally, however, the Chinese bloc acquired information that the Méxica were hot on the trail of developing a new FTL drive based on fragments of a ship recovered from the Martian polar ice. All indications pointed to this not only upsetting the balance between the four powers on Anáhuac, but putting the Méxica/Japanese alliance into a preeminent position in extra-solar space.

The Course of the War

The First Blow

The Chinese, therefore, initiated hostilities against the Méxica by pitching a mining asteroid they had dragged into lunar orbit at Tenochtitlán. At the same time, Japan and Australia were attacked en masse by Chinese fleets and marine contingents.

The asteroid strike on the Méxica capital missed, impacting in the valley of Huexotzinco-Tlaxcala. The devastation was immense, though the Empire was not fatally disrupted. Overseas, the Méxica fought fiercely in their outlying colonies, but without reinforcements from the Amerikas, were rolled back. The European and Afriqan powers, appalled by both the climactic effects of the impact and the unleashed strength of the Chinese, intervened and attacked the Chinese bloc by land, sea and air.


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