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Ranks of the Imperial Méxica Police

Nisei Term Police Rank Méxica Term
Keisatsu-chō Chōkan Commissioner-General Tlillancalqui
(He of the House of Darkness)
Keishi-sokan Superintendent General Atempanecatl
(Spoken from the Edge of the Water)
Keishi-kan Superintendent Supervisor Cuauhnochtli
(Eagle-Prickly Pear)
Keishi-cho Chief Superintendent Méxicatl Achcauhtli
(Chief of the Méxica Elder Brothers)
Keishi-sei Senior Superintendent Tecuachcauhtli
(Lord Elder Brother)
Keishi Superintendent Tiyahcauh Achcauhtli
(Valiant Elder Brother)
Keibu Police Inspector Centecatlapixqui
(Guardian of Order)
Keibu-ho Assistant Police Inspector Tlapixqui
Junsa-bucho Police Sergeant Topilehcahuah
(Chief Staff Bearer)
Junsa-cho Senior Constable Topileh
(Staff Bearer)
Junsa Constable Achcauhtli
(Elder Brother)
  • Achcauhcalli, Police station.

Border Police

Nisei Term Police Rank Méxica Term
Kokkyō Keibihei Border Guard Cuaxochpixqui

District Wardens

Nisei Term Police Rank Méxica Term
Bannin Warden of the Tlaxilcalli Tepixqui
Female Warden of the Tlaxilcalli Cihuatepixqui

Market Police

Nisei Term Police Rank Méxica Term
Ichi kensakan Market Inspector Tianquiztlacanqui

Prison Warden

Nisei Term Title Méxica Term
Zaikannoosa Prison Warden Teilpilcallapixqui
(Guardian of the Prison)
High Security Prison Warden Cuauhcalpixqui
(Eagle Guardian)
  • Teilpiloyan, prison for lesser crimes.
  • Cuauhcalli, (eagle house) prison for greater crimes.

Private Investigator

Nisei Term Title Méxica Term
Shiritsu-tantei Private Detective Tlahcihuitiani
(He who seeks)
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