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Hjogadim skull: side view
  • Hjo are a highly advanced Fourth Sun species with a massive empire coreward of the Méxica Empire.
    • The Hjo were first encountered by Chinese explorers but knowledge of the Hjo is rigorously restricted within the Méxica Empire; the one point of contact is the zhongdu’s embassy in the Tlapocan district of Tenochtitlán. The Trade Language still employed between humans and the Hjogadim contains many Chinese-word elements.
    • Individuals are equipped with an exocortex to Guide them in Right Thought and nanomech to enhance and speed healing.
    • Hjo z-suits are highly advanced and include numerous features to protect and defend the wearer from harm.
  • A Hjo looks like a bipedal two- or three-meter tall tapir covered in heavy silver-gray or gray-black close-napped hair. Exposed skin is wrinkled, leathery and gray-black.
  • They are very fast when startled and are stronger – kilo for kilo – than an equivalent human.
  • The species prefers a bluish light. Their world of origin appears to have a longer day than Anáhuac.
  • The long leathery snout holds heavy rows of grinding molars, with chisel-shaped cutting teeth lining the fore-jaw and a thick gray tongue.
  • They have multiple stomachs and can tolerate human foodstuffs, but Hjo physiology remains poorly understood by humans.
  • The Hjo metabolism is capable of absorbing very high levels of psychoactive or psychotropic substances with little noticeable effect on their central nervous system.
  • The species is adapted to extremely low temperatures:
    • The thick fur consists of hollow hairs.
    • The eyes are deep-set in the long, tapir-like head.
    • The slit-like nostrils are multi-valved to retain body heat.
    • When exposed to temperatures comfortable for humans, a Hjo employs a cooling system consisting of superconducting threads running through the heavy fur.


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