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Havilfar is a continent of Kregen in the south east of Paz, to the south and east of Loh and to the south of Pandahem and Segesthes.

Much of the west of Havilfar consists of the Wild Lands with scattered cities on the coast. The far south west is divided by the Tamish Channel into Djanduin and Tamish, whilst the south east is known as the Dawn Lands – the most ancient inhabited region of the continent divided into a patchwork of small nations and city states. The east of Havilfar is dominated by the Empire of Hamal, the Mountains of the West dividing it from the Wild Lands. The Empire stretches down into the Dawn Lands and has been waging a war of conquest in the south. Off the east coast lies the island nation of Hyrklana.

Armada of antares map 2.jpg
D Djanguraj 1 Hyr Khor
H Huringa 2 Uttar Djombey
HM Heavenly Mines 3 River of Wraiths
DT Dap-Tentyrasmot 4 Mountains of Mirth
P Pellow 5 The Yawfi Suth
R Ruathytu 6 The Wendwath (all of Djanduin)
Y Yaman 7 Lesser Sharangil Archipelago
O Ordsmot 8 Sava
BM Ba-Marish 9 Herrelldrin
BF Ba-Fela 10 Tamish
E Eomlad 11 Cnarveyl
N Nulvosmot 12 Migladrin
DO Dovad 13 River Magan
HE Hemlad 14 Tyriadrin
DE Denrette 15 Methydrin
B Brodensmot 16 Canopdrin
S Smerdislad 17 Neagrom
C Cafresmot 18 Rapa Island
TH Thutkin 19 Sorah
20 The Shrouded Sea
21 Gulf of Wracks
22 Ifilion
23 River of Leaping Fish
24 Orange River
25 Xilicia
26 Clef Pesquadrin
27 Hyrzibar's Finger
28 River Havilthytus
29 Black Mountains
30 River Mak
31 Mountains of the West
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