Four Hundred Houses

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The Four Hundred Houses or Four Hundred Families comprise the noble elite of all the nations bound into the Méxica Empire as First or Second from the Center:

Historically, the clan, the calpulli, was the most important unit in Méxica society and by the 16th Century, there were about twenty major clans. Beyond the clan structure of Méxica society, a nobility, the pipiltin, developed from elite families within the calpulli. The pipiltin held private land and political office within the empire with the nobility dominating the priesthood and military.

As the Méxica Empire grew, the gulf between commoners and the nobility increased, and the pipiltin families became clans of themselves, distinct from the calpulli of the macehualli.

The evolution of the pipiltin was influenced by the Nisei traditions of the samurai noble families. With the act of Unity the hereditary Méxica and Nisei nobility were bound together into a formal aristocratic class. Similar provisions were made for the Skawts-Éirish lairds.

Clan and family govern social position and careers within the Empire, with the Emperor and the Imperial Family forming the core of an intricate web of blood-ties and clan alliances. This is especially so in the Imperial Méxica Navy where squadrons of the Fleet can be dominated by a clan, effectively a clan-squadron, so that a system of patronage slots members of the clan or their clients into duty slots. This can affect inter-ship rivalies in the Fleet and these can become violent where these reflect inter-clan disputes.


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