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Entries which must still be added...

The core of the following list was compiled by Pete Smith (ZaPeet the Iarvin), with thanks to Prof. Wm. Douglas Withers, from the glossaries that appeared in the books of the Dray Prescot series, namely, Prince of Scorpio, Arena of Antares, Armada of Antares, Krozair of Kregen, Golden Scorpio, A Victory for Kregen, and lastly, Warlord of Antares, a glossary which covered 15 books and was compiled independently by Prof. Wm. Douglas Withers. This alone comprises roughly half the material here and was a veritable feat worthy of Tyr Nath himself.
Additional items were derived from Heike Schampera's database, which includes items post book 37, and from the Lohvian Glossary which covers the first four books of the Lohvian Cycle.
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