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A clan-squadron in the Imperial Méxica Navy is a capital ship squadron dominated by the members and clients of a clan of the Four Hundred Houses. The system of patronage endemic to the Fleet ensures that when a duty-slot becomes vacant, the Great Clans can influence the Admiralty in the selection of the successful candidate.

Fleet does not like to shift crews between ships but within a clan-squadron a junior officer has more senior clan-relatives to guide and protect them.

The command of larger ships – dreadnaughts, battlecruisers, carriers – is restricted by the patronage system. Smaller ships – destroyers, frigates, light cruisers, cruisers – are open to officers lacking the necessary background and patronage, and their crews are more likely to drawn from those Third from the Center.

Officers of command rank who lack clan-patronage are less likely to be found new commands and are most likely to be placed on the List.


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