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Chapultepec Castle

Náhuatl: place of the locusts – known for its locust flag.

According to legend, in the 11th Century, Huémac, the last Emperor of the Toltecs spent his last days living in a cave at Chapultepec.

In the 15th Century the hill was an island linked to Tenochtitlán by a causeway and was the site of a residence of the Méxica Emperor. It was subsequently fortified in a style influenced by the castles of the Nisei with a central donjon and surrounded by a moat and massive stone walls.

The castle is now where the scions of Méxica and Nisei nobility are prepared to become officers. On the Last Day of their training the candidate has to show proficiency with the pistol and the sword – fighting in the sword-dojo against a teomicqui – a trained slave.


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