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Gretchen Elisabeth Anderssen

Gretchen Elizabeth Anderssen

Gretchen is the sun that rises in the East, bright and full of hope, inexperienced but seeking to learn of the world, her raiment fresh. Though this is a traditionally male role, here the depiction is reversed. For her, Green Hummingbird is emblematic of the whole Imperial system holding down the conquered nations and stifling science, learning and exploration.

Mirror Record

Curriculum Vitae

  • Attended a calpulli school at Kinlochewe.
  • As a student of New Aberdeen University worked on excavations on Old Earth:
    • Excavation of the Danish Empire 18th Century Il Dioptre observatory on Crete.
    • Excavation of a late Khemer cemetery midden where she recovered a Tcho-Tcho pot.
    • Anderssen was lectured by the Honorable Doctor Kelly who attended her graduate research seminar.
    • Anderssen was lectured by Professor Griffiths of the comparative languages department.
    • Her first field instructor was killed in unusual circumstances on Go-Long.
  • Graduated from New Aberdeen University with a Doctorate in Xenoarchaeology.
  • Declined the offer of a post-Doctorate post at Ney Arkham Institute.


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